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  SCGLiveSCG Columbus Open: July 23-24 | Day 214875view
  Modogrinder11900+ Rating Cube196view
  HeyWoahModern Unexpected Results Brew57view
  fadgamesLEGACY Staples tournament! [7/24/16]45view
  southbaycollectiblesMODERN PPTQ Dublin @ SBC 7/24 23view
  james77707vintage cube Drafting!23view
  DavidBessoCUBE 21view
  ProfessorFrench❚█══█❚ Modern NayaWalkers - Reps for Wins ❚█══█❚14view
  BoottodaheadPlaying some Modern!7view
  Havik917So Drafts Then?3view
  SteamPuppiesEltrich Moon 3 Way Drafts3view
  JungleFiverVintage Cube MTGO!3view
  GEXConMTGGexCon Modern SCG Super IQ!3view
  WildThingsGamesMTG Sunday Draft2view
  TolkatoreCoins for Cards all Night1view
  CurtianCallRG Walls1view
  LakesRegionStreamingMagic! Something that's not Borderlands w/ Nickromancer and MisterFace1view
  ultros_the_octopusPlaying Requests after #SCGCol1view
  MapleleafmagicSome Vintage Cube Drafts & 5 Color Super Friends Commander to pass a Sunday 1view
  TheCodeMan87Magic cats1view