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  Stream  StatusViewersView
  SCGLiveSCG Milwaukee Open: Apr. 30 - May 1 | Day 17727view
  MagicGrand Prix Toronto Day 13329view
  Fire_and_DiceSOI Games Day STANDARD FNM @ NY ASOFAD: Magic The Gathering648view
  Modogrinder11961 Rating Shadows 8-4's107view
  RichShayRich Shay Streaming Vintage106view
  DavidBessoVINTAGE - Power9 Challenge con Storm46view
  TheboyksDrafting SoI boyksHug [nosrl]40view
  Dayton_Magic_CoverageLegacy - Duel For Duals - Epic Loot's Eternal Weekend38view
  nobodi64EDH Multiplayer - and other crimes against nature!16view
  KirwansGameStoreâ•‘Special guest Jon Finkelâ•‘ Gamers Helping Gamers 2K - Standard 15view
  Ashlen_Rose<(^_^<) MTG Cosplay WIP: Gisela Blade of Goldnight (>^_^)>12view
  infant_no_1Power 9 Challenge10view
  RomariovidalTesting (Modern) manaless dredge and Catching moggs in legacy8view
  kzyriumSecond time on MTGO - Phantom Swiss Sealed7view
  TK_212Blue-Ox 2016 Magic Invitational!7view
  MitsuPabloMTGModern Jund3view
  considerwhy86 ELVES HYPE! Back from GameDay Saturday!(Video Game Music!)2view
  zemplarTrying MTGO for the first time! ENG/DA2view
  MagicDealersArgentinaTesteo Team Dealers 29/04/162view
  nexusnerdsNexus Games ~ Card shop ~ streams. Live MTG Commander2view
  responsiblegamingMagic Breakfast: SOI Sealed League1view
  geekworldonlineStandard Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier1view
  BelAirGames4-23 Shadows over Innistrad PPTQ0view